Diary of the Damned

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A novel written as a diary of a 16 year old torn between two parents in two different states. Conflict, violence, and more.



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A novel based on my brotherís teaching ESL One in Salt Lake City, UT. Lots of humor but also learning how hard it is to assimilate.


I'm in the Army Now

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A novel based on authorís Army experiences from 1962-1965 that includes his early marriage, his learning Chinese Mandarin, his indoctrination into the world of spying, and his year on Taiwan listening in to radar installations on mainland China


Brother's for Life, Vol. V

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The fifth in a series of epistolary novels based on the correspondence between the author's brother and him that have covered 6 decades. This one is 1995-99.


1,000 Words Are Worth a Picture / Thanksgiving

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Two novellas, one describing 50 photos burned in an apartment fire, the other showing the interactions of divorced parents and their two adult children on a Thanksgiving weekend years after their dissipation.



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The continuing saga of the Burrell Brothers. The first five years of the '90s are perhaps the most chaotic in the lives of the brothers. Marriage, divorce, moving, children moving back in, job problems, and many more trying circumstances challenge each of the brother's lives.



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The sequel to On the Tramp. The last 22 years of Ronald Bothwell's life, from 1934-1955. It follows him as he gets his first full-time job with the Union Pacific RR Co., courts Eva Hill, marries, has Lin and Bruce, and shows many touching and funny scenes of their childhood in Ogden, Utah. Included are photos of the Bothwells and relatives. Anyone who knows me, my brother, either of my parents, or any of my relatives would find a treasure trove of memories here.



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Ben Tuecke is a first-year teacher from Jackson County Iowa who is hired to teach at Ef Center High School and learns that the public school bureaucracy in a large high school is stacked against him. But he perseveres against all odds and finds romance, too. This rollicking satire is destined to become one of your favorite all-time novels.


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The continuing story of the Burrell brothers gets only more complicated as their families grow and change and their careers move in different directions.

Glennís life in the early 1980s is multifaceted: he is a college professor at Whittier College in Southern California; he is writing a non-fiction book about leadership; he is working with Gordon Jump, the actor; and he is dealing with his growing family. As the 80s expand, Glenn decides that he will quit his tenured position and make it big in a new private company in Utah. The decade also provides a major life change with a divorce and another marriage.

Bryce, on the other hand, is working on his first major novel. He starts the decade with a divorce. He continues to immerse himself in alternative education, devoting himself to helping kids who have been disaffected by society. He is a single parent for the whole first half of the decade. Then in 1986 he meets a new lady, and before the decade is out Bryce marries for the third time.

You can see the growth of interaction between the two brothers and understand why their destinies are to be published writers who have much to say to the world at large. Come along on the rollercoaster ride that is the world of the Glenn and Bryce Burrell.


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The second volume of the continued correspondence between Glenn and Bryce Burrell showcases their expanding families and careers in this intimate look into the lives of ordinary/extraordinary people.

Bryce has a job teaching high school in Iowa, has his last child with his wife Sare, moves to Utah, gets divorced, is hired to teach in a unique high school in the High Uintahs, remarries, has a sixth child, moves back to Iowa, settles down in Clinton with a third teaching position, and becomes a pioneer in the infant alternative education movement.

Glenn also grows a family, adding 4 children with Jeanne in the decade. Glenn lived in Orem, Utah; Boulder, Colorado; Cambridge, Massachusetts; and Whittier, California. He went from being a player in an upstart corporation to achieving an EdD from Harvard to teaching at a college.

And all of the witty patter between two intelligent brothers is reported word for word in their letters that share so much intimate detail of who and what they are. And if youíre good enough to read between the lines, you may also infer some items that are not being shared.


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My brother was two years older than I. Growing up we were sibling rivals. He went to the Air Force Academy when I was going into my junior year in high school in 1960. For some reason he wrote me a letter. I wrote him back. And weíve been corresponding ever since.

I decided to novelize these letters, so what will end up being a seven-novel cycle starts the saga of the Burrell brothers, Glenn and Bryce.

Itís interesting to follow these brothers who start out with rather unsophisticated letters as they develop and grow as writers.

Itís also fun to watch them grow personally. Bryce gets married first while still in high school and starts a family and goes into the Army. Glenn is kicked out of the Air Force Academy on the verge of graduating and heads out to California then to BYU where he gets two degrees and starts teaching. Bryce gets out of the Army (and keeps having babies) and goes to college and graduates with his bachelorís and goes on to graduate school just as the decade is coming to a close.

The epistolary genre is quite different from normal novel structure, but itís almost as if youíre in the lives of the two boys, in their minds, in their souls. If you keep reading, you will discover many secrets.


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My father was a hobo from 1924 to 1933. As I grew up, I knew nothing of that history. He died in 1955, so that part of his life would have been hidden from my brother and me if it hadnít been for the fact that he took meticulous notes on little notepads the whole time. He and my mother typed them, and they were stored in three-ring binders in my motherís keeping. I got wind of them at some point and even got hold of them and read them.

However, I was living my life and doing my thing. But in the back of my mind I wanted to turn them into a book. In 1992 I retyped the notes and made them accessible to my brother and my children.

But I wanted to do more than that, so in the last few years I added dialogue and transitions and tried to make them read like an autobiographical explication of his life during that time.

I added his name to the authorship because most of the words are his.

If you want to find out what life was like in western America in the 1920s and Ď30s, this is your book.

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A companion to Apache Alternative, this novel follows Ben Eglehartís last three years as an alternative high school English teacher.

The novel opens with the discovery that one of Benís recent graduates, Hope, has been murdered. Such a senseless event causes him to debate whether or not he should remain teaching.

Ginny and Ben are now parents to teenagers Sarah and Tom. And Benís father, Wild Bill, has moved in with them.

Of course Ben has all the daily ups and downs at the alternative high school. As time goes on, many things change. They change schools. They change superintendents. They change principals. I think you get the picture: change.

Ben and his family take a massive trip to Yellowstone and to Washington to the national alternative convention.

The biggest decision in Benís life is whether to retire early or wait until sixty-five. He makes that decision.

And in the end Ben memorializes the girl who was murdered by planting a purple ash in her memory.


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How many double thrillers have you read? ďWhat is a double thriller?Ē you ask. It is a thriller within a thriller.

The novel starts with a retired teacher, Frank Mustell, receiving a mysterious phone call announcing that a former student of his has died. Days later her husband arrives with a package and presents it to Frank. It is a manuscript entitled ďMy Life, By Bess Bigelow.Ē

So the initial section of the book is the manuscript, which details Bessís life, all her struggles with a totally dysfunctional family, her acceptance into Mr. Mustellís program, and all the difficulties after she left.

But the story ends without ending, and Frank feels uneasy about it. So that begins the other thriller. It is Frankís attempt to find out what happened to Bess.

In his initial investigation Frank discovers that Bessís death has been ruled a suicide. But it doesnít take much to discover that canít be true. Frank pretends to be a private investigator and uncovers enough to know that something very wrong happened.

When he recruits some help, they do all they can to unravel the horrible truth and put some evil villains behind bars.


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This book is a dual biography, primarily the story of Paul Mojas, the man that we in the Patterson neighborhood knew as Junky, but also the story of my life and eventually the intersection of our lives many years later.

Itís strange how childhood perceptions can change so dramatically. When I discovered while working as a psychiatric attendant during my college days that a newly admitted patient was the junkman of my childhood, I didnít expect that I would become a serious investigator into his life. Through several interviews, I would discover that this man that we all ridiculed was truly a man of worth.

And by extension, we all should learn that it is easy to pass judgment on others, but very few exist without redeeming characteristics that can outweigh the negatives that are so easily condemned.

When it was all done, I felt honored to have known this man and to have been able to share his story with the vast audience who can now read about his life.

It was also illuminating to relive so much of my life and remember how things were then and now.

Please come with me into the world of Junky.

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Hard Cover


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Why would a one-quarter Apache from Arizona end up teaching in an alternative high school program in Iowa?

Why would an otherwise excellent student end up in a Basic Composition class?

Why would a beautiful girl keep secrets from the man she loves?

Why would an Apache warrior eat rabbit every day?

Why would kids drop out of school when they have nurturing teachers that bend over backward to help them graduate?

The answers to all these questions and many, many more are found in the pages of Apache Alternative.

The novel follows Benjamin Littleman Eglehart, as he becomes an English teacher in the In Focus program at Clanton High School in Iowa. Ben experiences the many highs and lows of dealing with disaffected youth in America, including some tragedies. He also meets Ginny and falls in love. One of the highlights of the novel occurs when they travel to Arizona and visit Benís father, who is a real character.

This book is a must read for all who love good schools.


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Linville Scully is a high school student who tells his own story. And it is a remarkable story. Linville (Lin) is a better-than-average student at a regular high school, but through a fluke he gets labeled learning disabled and gets sent to the alternative high school.

At first the new school looks like a godsend because it is run through a contract that sets up expectations and gives logical consequences. However, it doesnít take long to learn that people are the same wherever you go, and life just doesnít run as smoothly as youíd like most of the time.

Lin does find new allies in some of the best teachers heís ever had, but he also discovers new enemies.

He does a lot of growing up, suffering the usual trouble with relationships that develop in young love.

Lin discovers many truths that he concludes the book with. Among them are ďLoving someone doesnít keep you from hating themĒ; ďLife is too short to ignore the people we loveĒ; and ďNo one remains the same; we all become someone else tomorrow.Ē

The world of the teenager can break your heart and heal your soul. And Lin Scully does it all.


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The basis of this complex novel is the relationship between a father and his son. The twist is that the sonís name is Toynbee, and the fatherís name is Son. Actually the fatherís name is not Son, but Toynbee calls his father Son.

The book is divided into three books. The complex part comes from the structure. Book I, chapter by chapter, is alternating first-person narrations by the main characters.

Book II is a series of chapters that flash forward and back to reveal intersections of the various characters in third-person narration.

Book III is the present, also told in third person.

The overall plot itself is quite simple: two people love each other, and the book reveals that throughout. However, all the characters, including the principal ones, are flawed, as are all human beings, and how they work out their lives is the meat of the story.

I have always been proud of this book as one of my best for what it says about the human condition, and any thinking reader should be rewarded throughout with a deeply emotional involvement in Toynbee & Son.


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What would you do if you discovered that your whole family was secretly being videotaped in your own home?

Thatís what happens to the Kronks in Private Lives, a story ripped right out of the headlines.

A honeymooning couple at the Canterbury Inn in Coralville, Iowa were secretly recorded in their room and successfully sued for damages when they discovered the awful truth.

But in Private Lives itís not a hotel but their home that is video-bugged. And all four family members are being videotaped secretly.

When the family discovers the dirty, little truth, they run into obstacle after obstacle of getting justice for the incursion into their rights to privacy.

The big question we should all be asking ourselves is ďCould this happen to me?Ē